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Exlcusive Interview with Courtney Simpson

Exclusive Famousipod.Com interview with Retired Porn Starlet Courtney Simpson..Reposted October 31st 2007. Inteview Obtained by Famousipod.com Staff July 2nd 2007, Blogger Bryan and staff contribution.


Our new series here at Famousipod.com contacts celebrities, politicians, and other Hollywood stars directly, asking them the questions that everyone really wants to know about. None of this perezhilton and copycat sites offer direct one on one hard hitting questions that Famousipod.com and its staff are going to offer. Watch for the release of our newly designed site and magazine launch early in 2008. This is an article reposted from an interview done in July of 2007 with X-porn star Courtney Simpson. Our veteran blogger, Bryan conducted the brief but informative interview while Ms. Simpson was boarding a plane at LAX Airport.


Blogger Bryan: "Good afternoon Courtney, I want to thank you for finally talking with us today and letting me conduct this interview"

Courtney Simpson" Thank you Bryan, I apologize in advance but my plane is going to be boarding shortly so this interview might be cut a little short.. I'm not really used to these interviews anymore since I left the industry last year, but lets try for it anyway.."

Blogger Bryan: "Thanks for letting us know that Courtney, I will try to make my questions as quick and as direct as possible.. My first question is what are you currently up to now?"

Courtney Simpson: "Well Bryan, first and foremost, I have fully retired from the adult film business as September 2006. It was my decision to retire from the industry entirely in order to pursue a different path in my life. I was no longer happy in the adult industry and I think of my time in the adult industry as phase of my life that is completely in the past.

Blogger Bryan: "Many other girls have left this industry only to come back shortly afterward.. what about you? Was this just a phase in your life?"

Courtney Simpson" :. It is now my time to move on from this short phase and begin the rest of my life with no looking back and absolutely no plans of returning."

Blogger Bryan:"Well, I guess this will be the last interview you do under this stage name courtney simpson..

Courtney Simpson" Yes Bryan, thankfully, it is.. I met many wonderful people and friends during my short time here and I wish them all the best. I thank my fans for all of their support and in return I ask them to respect my privacy at this time as well as the privacy of those around me."

Blogger Byran: "Courtney, I know you are pressed for time, I have one more question, and then my interview is unfortunetly over... I have heard some rumors out there that movies were still coming out and that you were still active in the industry and associating with other industry people. What do you say to those rumors?"

Courtney Simpson" Bryan, I have been retired since September 2006 and have not shot a movie at all in 2007. I am fully retired from this industry and this is what is really going on in my life and any other information is false heresay and/or negative rumors."

Blogger Bryan: Courtney, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to speak with us here at Famousipod.com celebrity blogs and wish you the best of luck in your next career.

Courtney Simpson: "Thanks Bryan, time for my flight... bye!""

Published Wednesday, July 04, 2007 9:07 PM by admin
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